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Mechanical bull rentals are available for private parties as well as public events.

They are also placed on location in bars and nightclubs by contractual agreements. Prices on the bulls for sale are not given on the Internet as all of our business is customized to your individualized requests to make your event unique or to attempt to work within your budget. Not only do we make mechanical bulls for sale but we refurbish bull bodies, bases and control panels. Rubber bull heads can be made to fit headless bulls or replace those "hard" bull heads. All parts are made in America and are easily obtained. Parts are compatible for VIV, Galaxy and Brazilian bulls. The next time you have difficulty obtaining a quality mechanical bull when you need one or have problems with an existing bull part - why not give us a call? Let us reduce your stress and solve your problem.

Please call or email us for pricing on bulls for sale or mechanical bull rentals and other amusement equipment. 843-364-8900.
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mechanical bull controls
mechanical bull controls
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